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 Lifting & Supporting Women in more ways than one

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What do YOU love? 

What reflects your personality and character? 

There is no wrong answer.

Your  “authentic” look and style that resonates with you but lets the world around you know:

  • I’m Confident

  • I’m Comfortable

  • I’m Supported both emotionally & physically

  • I know the style that works for me.

No one can tell you or no one knows the answer  to these questions but YOU.  

Welcome to my world playing with my passion, love and care for fashion.  I love assisting others to find their own personal style, color and creativity.  There are many style and trend choices to choose  from that it becomes an overwhelming effort.  I assist women with finding  their personal  style reflective of their confidence from inside out.

During a meeting, the question "Who is your best client?" was proposed.  Someone quickly answered the question for all of us ……YOU!   I help you to discover the answer by serving as your personal guide into fashion and education in a fun and simplistic way!


I have loved fashion and playing dress-up since a very small child.  I have found an entrepreneur  career path that feeds my soul and allows me to play with my creativity.  My first love of fashion now supports women in multiple ways both physically and emotionally.  

MEET Michele

"I admit, I was probably buying the wrong bra. . .forever! I had met Michele a few years ago and always wanted her to help me find the right bra but never took the time – or expense – for me. I finally made the appointment after constantly being frustrated with tugging on my bra each day, and it became a habit to throw it off the moment I got home after work. Michele spent two hours with me, first finding out the styles I liked, determining my correct band and cup size (which I totally had wrong) then continually bringing bras into the dressing room for me to try on. All I had to do was stay in the room and she shopped the store. She always asked about my comfort, if I liked both the feel and look of the bras she brought me.
Michele also taught me how to put a bra on  - yes, there is a RIGHT way – and shared tips for looking the most flattering in my clothes, which now I know HAS to start underneath them. She made the entire process from start to finish, fun, educational and safe. Michele was an absolute delight to work with and it was obvious that she was passionate about helping me solve a nagging issue I had ignored way too long. I highly recommend her!"
- Gina M.
      St. Louis Mo


Check back regularly to see all my upcoming podcast, radio interviews and more as they become available.

Wire-Free Wednesday Virtual Zoom Parties

beginning September 30, 2020


You deserve the perfect FIT & COMFORT

from your bra

Michele has the know-how & compassion you need.

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