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You ask what qualifies me to be a “Bodacious Stylist.” Well I'm a Colorful Fashionista who is also a Bra Fitting expert.


Thanks a million for stopping by Celebrate Her Style! I’m often asked how one becomes a Bra Fitter in follow-up to my passion for fashion and assisting other women to discover her personal style.  I have loved fashion forever, even since playing dress-up for hours on end at 7 years old.


Flash forward--today I so enjoy getting up each day and picking out the ideal base fashion item (sometimes it’s the top, dress or pant….. always different from day to day).  I then add and build the other items, shoes and accessories to complete the look.  After taking a supplemental job with Soma Intimates, while building my Silpada Designs Jewelry business, I quickly learned the art and skill of assisting a woman with a proper bra fitting.   A properly fitted bra is integral to her personal style and character no matter the season of life she is in. 


I think  most importantly undergarment “fit” reflects her inner confidence from inside out! She is no longer having to guess her bra size or the bra style that is best suited for her and her body type.   Afterall the coined phrase is so very true “no two breasts are the same”!  Well ladies, I'm happy to inform you that “no two bra designs are the same either.”  Bras are specifically designed just like fashion clothing.  I so enjoy this career path and journey over the last 7 years. I'mI planning to release and create my own bra prototype in the near future!


What led me here?

2009   The birth of my jewelry styling career selling Silpada Designs Sterling Silver and semi-precious stone jewelry for 7 years.

2012  I became a Counter Manager for Trish McEvoy at Nordstrom’s where I assisted women to discover the “face in a case” artistic and natural cosmetic application.

2013  Started  a part-time position at Soma Intimates where I quickly discovered my passion and art of fitting women into proper, comfortable and supportive bra garments. I often refer to my experience at Soma as my “Bra Boot Camp” training year.  It launched this caring passionate career path venture.

2014  Saks Fifth Avenue retail sales consultant/stylist where I was originally assigned to the Lingerie department but quickly began selling and marketing the entire store providing an exquisite peek  look into “luxury” brand and designers all while styling women in luxury fashion.

2016  I ventured into the world of St. Louis headquartered and founded company, Soft
Surroundings  a second “luxury” manufacturing brand of womens fashion.  I absolutely love this brand and demographic of women they serve.  Now it’s
2020 in February is when I took my giant leap of faith to launch this solo business of mine that allows my creative juices for style to flow along with my personal passion to assist women in the bra and undergarment arena.  I have a friend who often speaks about us all being artists and that once we find that inner artist, the purpose and passion gifted to us follows….allowing us to be “living life full out” (to quote another mentor friend),  inspired and  sharing my gifts with the world because I care and love you!

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