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Stylist | Personal Shopper | Bra Consultant | Stylist for Visually & Hearing Impaired


Bra and Foundation Wear

Do you have a lingerie drawer or a portion of your closet full of bra styles, shapewear and panties of all sizes, shapes and styles but always feel like you have nothing to wear that FITS right? Would you like to look more pulled together, stylish and appear to be the most confident woman walking the face of the earth? Yes it can happen and afterall ladies the undergarments chosen and worn are truly all about you and how you feel when you look in the mirror each day (not your husband, significant other or the outside world). 


- Are you having a hard time finding bras that flatter your figure?

- Did you know bras are designed like clothing styles and not every style works on every woman’s       body type? 

- Do you dislike shopping, don’t have the time to shop? 

- Have you found yourself planted in a chair shopping on-line or from a catalog from a relatively long time; only to find you have spent $500.00 later and maybe found three (3) total selections later out of the initially ordered 16-20 bras that didn’t work out (True story shared by one of my friends)?


If you answered YES to any of these questions... I don’t just think I can help.  I know I can help in a safe, non-intrusive, fun, simple and educational way.  I promise you will learn at least one thing you didn’t know or had no idea when we are done.

Health Related Medical Procedures & Conditions

Includes a complimentary consultation

-Mastectomy surgery (Pre and Post Consultation)

-Breast Implant Surgery

-Breast Reduction Surgery

-Post Surgical procedures

(shoulder, lung, heart and some abdominal

procedure that inhibits bra comfort and support)

-Other disease states or disabilities

(e.g. visually impaired, hearing impaired)

Women Voting

Education Offerings

-Lunch and Learn “Art of Bra Fitting”
-Community Support Group meeting attendance
-Speaking Engagement

-Community Event for Young women

(Body image talk for 12 yrs. plus)

-Fashion Show

(includes bra fitting and shape wear knowledge; can be partnered with apparel fashion: additional cost will apply)

Women with a Cause

I personally thrive and it makes my heart sing to build authentic relationships with women that allows me to deliver a customized and personal experience. I take a dreaded painful task for women and transform it into a fun, simple and educational experience!


Prior to our shopping appointment being scheduled I will send to you a short survey and arrange a follow-up telephone initial consultation discussion regarding your survey feedback  which includes past pain point history, if applicable and the reason for the shopping appointment (e.g. new everyday replacement bra purchase, upcoming special event or wide range of support reasons in which I am able to assist you-- chosen from the menu of service offerings).  We will then calendar a shopping date together at which time you will pay $25.00 in advance to secure the shopping appointment date and if you make a purchase of something from my retail store offerings or affiliate fashion partner found on this website this $25.00 will apply to your total cost.  During your personal shopping fitting I will show you how to recognize what best suits your body type silhouette and lifestyle so that we achieve a comfortable, supportive and confident look, again supporting you both physically and emotionally.  Shopping destinations are selected based on your individual style needs and budget requirements established during your initial consultation discussed above.

Young Women with Shopping Bags

Personal Shopping 
Includes a complimentary consultation

Whether you need to purchase two (2) to three (3) new bras for everyday wear (one to wear, one to wash and one to rest……yes your bra needs to rest as well, it’s work supporting this fabulous breast tissue for 8-12 hours a day) or find the perfect undergarment shape wear for a special event, I will make sure you look amazing! It’s my passion and love supporting women in multiple ways from underneath out so she is reflecting her personal style and confidence to the world all while feeling comfortable, uplifted and supported both physically and emotionally. 

Wardrobe/Apparel Styling
Personal Styling includes a complimentary consultation 

Many women feel they have to be wealthy or a celebrity to work with a personal stylist.  This mindset is just untrue.  A personal stylist will work with you to find a head-to-toe look that reflects your personal and professional style. I review and advise you on the best shades, silhouettes, and body shape when creating a look for any occasion. I will shop for you or with you to find appropriate styles that complement your lifestyle, budget, and the personality you are wanting to project. I am available for individual styling, photo shoot styling, editorial styling, and commercial styling.  I also will advise you and conduct pre-podcast taping, LIVE radio interview, theater performer or maybe you are a business owner and you are conducting Facebook or Instagram LIVE broadcasts needing to reflect your personal and professional character.

Group Lecture

-Lunch and Learn “Art of Bra Fitting”

-Community Support Group meeting attendance

-Community Event for Young women

(Body image talk for 12yrs. plus)

-Speaking Engagement

-Fashion Show

(includes bra fitting and shapewear knowledge; can be partnered with apparel fashion: additional cost will apply)


Special Event Styling 

Includes a complimentary consultation 

Do you have a holiday party, conference, or red carpet event to attend? I will make sure you look amazing, stand out in the crowd, and feel completely confident. I can bring the items to you or pull them ahead of time at select boutiques and locations we decide on in advance.  All you have to do is arrive for your fitting, hang out and relax in the fitting room and let the fun begin! If desired I can be there with you the day of your event to dress you, ensuring every single detail is picture perfect before we send you off.

Hair and makeup team referral partners are available on request, additional rates will apply

Well Organized Closet

A Closet Analysis provides the ultimate wardrobe overhaul! All women are told they have too many clothes in their closet and they need to downsize their wardrobe.  Your closet should only consist of pieces that fit your lifestyle, reflect your personal style, and flatter your silhouette. I’m not always an advocate of parting with all of your favorite pieces. It does help to have a stylist provide another perspective on your wardrobe for sure.  I will typically ask you to  go through your closet and pull the  items you naturally gravite  to each week (7-10 outfits).  Many women wear the same steady outfits each week rotating them from week to week. We are creatures of habit in our closet wardrobe too ladies.  During the Closet Analysis I will also evaluate your existing accessories (scarves, jewelry and shoes) and identify pieces that should be kept or purged based on the condition, fit and style of each piece. Additionally, I will provide recommendations for items that should be included to invigorate your accessories collection. We will together create a “Wishlist” you can use to purchase these items on your own or utilize my Personal Shopping service to select and purchase them for you.  The end result of this session will allow you to perhaps discover some shopping habits not serving you (e.g. but it was on sale is my favorite one. I too have been guilty of this one) and/or develop some strategies to shop smarter in the future.

*All services can be scheduled on a quarterly, monthly, weekly or per event occasion.

Closet Analysis 

Includes a complimentary consultation 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?

Let me help!


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